Here are the results, photos, and replay from the fifth round of the Oppositelock Forza 6 Vintage Formula 1 Championship at the Nurburgring. In addition, the current points standings are in this post.


Here are the results from the fourth race of the season.

1st: Corey CC97: Lancia - Ferrari

2nd: Rudi srt4: Lotus - Ford

3rd: X Mr Plankton X: Lotus - Ford

4th: Darkzer24: Lotus - Ford

5th: mackleroy45: Lotus - Ford

6th: Tellurium132: Ferrari

7th: JA 37 Viggen: Ligier - Porsche

8th: nichpsu: McLaren - Ford

9th: TheCowmaster934: McLaren - Ford

10th: IXII Wrath IIXI: Panoz - Ford (DNF)

11th: Tareim: McLaren - Ford (DNF)

12th: Garuda: Shadow - Ford (DNF)


Here are the current championship standings for both drivers and manufactures.

Driver’s Championship

1st: mackleroy45: 89 points

2nd: Rudi srt4: 78 points

3rd: Corey CC97: 73 points

4th: X Mr Plankton X: 51 points

5th: JA 37 Viggen: 31 points

6th: th4tjoshguy: 29 points

7th: Dr BecKx: 25 points

8th: AreYouCereal: 22 points

9th: Tellurium132: 21 points

10th: Alphalead15: 20 points

11th: Dr CHAIR PHD: 18 points

12th: Darkzer24: 12 points

13th: TheCowmaster934; nichpsu: 10points

14th: IXII Wrath IIXI: 5 points

15th: admiralCB; kiwichris1709: 2 points

16th: Tareim; Garuda: 0 points

Constructor’s Championship

1st: Lotus - Ford: 104 points

2nd: Lancia - Ferrari: 73 points

3rd: Ferrari: 49 points

4th: Ligier - Porsche: 31 points

5th: Lotus - McLaren - Ford: 29 points

6th: Leyton-House - Ford: 22 points

7th: Ligier - Cosworth: 20 points

8th: Red Bull - Nissan: 18 points

9th: McLaren - Ford: 15 points

10th: Panoz - Ford: 5 points

11th: Sauber - Ford: 2 points

12th: Shadow - Ford: 0 points

PENALTIES/STEWARD RULINGS: TheCowmaster934: +5 grid positions for false caution call; mackleroy45: -2 grid positions for adhering to false caution


The replay saved this time!

Next up is Long Beach, which should be a good pinball show. I will not be able to be there but am currently sorting out who’s hosting. Hope you all can still make it though!