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Less Than One Hour Until The Oppositelock Forza 6 2.4 Hours Of Daytona

The Oppositelock Forza 6 2.4 Hours Of Daytona is less than an hour away. It’s too late to sign up for this race at this point, but if you’re racing and need a refresher on the rules, click the link and read the post.

If you’re not racing, watch us race on Twitch, the links for which will be posted very soon.


One last update. Due to a last minute request, favorable BOP testing, the inclusion of other technically non-conforming oddball cars, and its ability to burn through a tank of fuel in 12 minutes and need for 12 pit stops to finish the race, the 2015 Nissan #23 GT-R LM NISMO is now eligible for this race. It will run stock with a PI of P978. I suppose it can be a stand in for the Deltawing, like how the 911 GT1 is a stand in for the new 911 RSR. If any of you would have ran this car if included earlier (which I kind of doubt apart from the person who requested it), I apologize for this truly last minute addition. For reference on where it stands against the other cars, it is a few tenths faster than the DPs/Rebellion getting 8 laps to a tank of fuel.

This is it everyone. Drive clean and drive fast.

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