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"Roar Before The 2.4" 2.4 Hours Of Daytona Practice Session Tonight At 9:00 PM EST

Just a reminder that the practice session for The Oppositelock Forza 6 2.4 Hours Of Daytona is tonight at 9:00 PM EST. If you interested in the actual race, click the link, read the plan, and sign up. Or, if you’ve already read the plan but haven’t signed up yet, click here to go right to the sign up sheet.

So the practice session. It is by no means required, but if you want an idea how your car stacks up against everyone else, want to practice driving in traffic, or have no plans and are bored, I highly recommend joining in. Also, we will be using the Discord server for this as well, so keep that in mind if you will be racing.


Hope to see you there!

Also, guess what stopped working. Yep Forza’s website. So enjoy this picture I found on the internet.

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