Here are the results, photos, and replay from the first round of the Oppositelock Forza 6 Can-Am Championship at Road America. In addition, the current points standings are in this post, as well as the date for the next race.


Here are the results from the first race of the season.

1st: Corey CC97: McLaren - Ford M8B

2nd: EXOR Popolac: Lola - Chevrolet T163

3rd: RoboRedMdn1te: Ferrari 312 P

4th: Rudi srt4: McLaren - Chevrolet M8B

5th: FearlessTSwift: Nissan R382

6th: Tellurium132: Lola - Chevrolet T163

7th: JA 37 Viggen: Lola - Chevrolet T163


Here are the current championship standings for both drivers and manufactures.

Driver’s Championship 

1st: Corey CC97: 35 points

2nd: EXOR Popolac: 30 points

3rd: RoboRedMdn1te: 26 points

4th: Rudi srt4: 24 points

5th: FearlessTSwift: 22 points

6th: Tellurium132: 20 points

7th: JA 37 Viggen: 18 points

Constructor’s Championship

1st: McLaren - Ford: 35 points

2nd: Lola - Chevrolet: 30 points

3rd: Ferrari: 26 points

4th: McLaren - Chevrolet: 24 points

5th: Nissan: 22 points


Except Forza hates me so no photos. :(

Also, the next round at Watkins Glen will be held on August 5th at 4:30 PM EST.

We had a bit of a low turnout for the opener, though it seemed like a bad weekend for quite a few people. Hopefully we can get a bigger turnout for one of my favorite tracks on the calendar!