Here are the results, photos, and replay from the eighth round of the Oppositelock Forza 6 Vintage Formula 1 Championship at the Bernese Alps. In addition, the current points standings are in this post.


Here are the results from the eighth race of the season.

1st: Rudi srt4: Ligier - Porsche

2nd: Corey CC97: Lancia - Ferrari

3rd: X Mr Plankton X: Lotus - Ford

4th: Tellurium132: Ferrari

5th: Capirossi22: McLaren - Honda

6th: JA 37 Viggen: Ligier - Porsche

7th: mackleroy45: Lotus - Ford (DNF)


Here are the current championship standings for both drivers and manufactures.

Driver’s Championship 

1st: Rudi srt4: 143 points

2nd: mackleroy45: 125 points

3rd: Corey CC97: 92 points

4th: X Mr Plankton X: 68 points

5th: AreYouCereal: 65 points

6th: JA 37 Viggen: 64 points

7th: Tellurium132: 51 points

8th: th4tjoshguy: 29 points

9th: Dr BecKx: 25 points

10th: nichpsu: 22 points

11th: Alphalead15: 20 points

12th: Dr CHAIR PHD; Capirossi22: 18 points

13th: TheCowmaster934: 14 points

14th: Darkzer24: 12 points

15th: kiwichris1709: 8 points

16th: IXII Wrath IIXI: 5 points

17th: admiralCB: 2 points

18th: Tareim; Garuda: 0 points

Constructor’s Championship

1st: Lotus - Ford: 149 points

2nd: Ligier - Porsche: 96 points

3rd: Lancia - Ferrari: 92 points

4th: Ferrari: 79 points

5th: Leyton-House - Ford: 65 points

6th: Lotus - McLaren - Ford: 29 points

7th: McLaren - Ford: 27 points

8th: Ligier - Cosworth: 20 points

9th: Red Bull - Nissan; McLaren - Honda: 18 points

10th: Panoz - Ford: 5 points

11th: Sauber - Ford: 2 points

12th: Shadow - Ford: 0 points

UNSERVED PENALTIES/STEWARD RULINGS: TheCowmaster934: +3 grid positions ; mackleroy45: -2 grid positions



The whole reason we raced at Bernese Alps was so I could get this photo of F1 cars in the air.



The next race is Rio full, so prepare yourselves. Just avoid the walls and everything will be fine. 

Oh and one more thing. Keep a lookout on the horizon for an announcement...